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Goshin Karate & Judo Academy's Japanese Jiu Jitsu classes promote the idea that a smaller, weaker person can successful defend against a bigger, stronger assailant by using leverage and proper ground fighting technique

There is no better self defense system than Jiu Jitsu. The techniques of Japanese Jiu Jitsu have been developed so that almost anyone can do them, no matter their age or athletic ability. Our students train in a safe environment with our dedicated instructors that will help you achieve whatever goal you set for yourself.

Get The Highest Quality Japenese Jiu Jitsu Training In Scottsdale!

No matter your skill level, our instructors tailor lessons to the individual so that you can achieve any goal you've set for yourself. Each class is filled with a curriculum designed to teach you powerful submission & grappling techniques while you get an incredible workout. 

Not only will our Japanese Jiu Jitsu program get you into amazing shape, but also increase your flexibility, core strength, and overall fitness. It doesn't matter what shape you are in or your experience level, Goshin Karate & Judo will help you conquer your goals.

Get On The Mat With Japanese Jiu Jitsu In Scottsdale!

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Benefits of Scottsdale jiu jitsu

  • Increased Confidence & Empowerment
  • Get An Incredible Workout
  • Learn Effective Self Defense
  • Increase Flexibility & Core Strength
  • Improved Coordination & Motor Skills
  • Improved Endurance & Stamina

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